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CENTERS FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF LEARNING diagnose and treat  the special needs of children with learning disabilities:

The Joyce and Stanley Black & Family Center for the Advancement of Learning, Carmelia, donated by the Blacks of Los Angeles.

The Child Development Center (CDC) and Outpatients Clinic at the Bnai Zion Medical Center, a gift from Pamela and Stanley Chais of Beverly Hills        

The Toby and Saul Feldberg Center for the Advancement of Learning, Neve Sha'anan, donated by the Feldbergs of Toronto.

The Habib Khayat Center for the Advancement of Learning, Hadar Hacarmel, a gift from Mary Khayat Haifa.

DAYCARE CENTERS FOR AT RISK-CHILDREN, and related programs, provide Haifa's neediest youngsters with a warm second home and hot meals; cultural, educational and social activities; and individual and family therapy:

The Ori and Malka Fogel Children's Daycare Center, Neve Paz, for children ages 3-9, donated by the Fogels of Bel Air, California.

Neve David Youth Center, donated by the Clore Foundation to serve a neighborhood of 5,400 residents, nearly half of them new immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union.

Psychotherapy Room, Na'amat Daycare Center, Kiryat Sprinzak, a gift of Norma Fine of Boston

The Emerich Ressler Memorial Youth Center, Kiryat Chaim, donated by Sue Ressler of Philadelphia with the assistance of fellow Philadelphians Renee and Joe Zuritsky, members of Renee's family from Canada, and the London-based Dorset Foundation, for the benefit of 1,000 youngsters including many new immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union.

The Alexandra Tuvim Children's Daycare Center, Hod Hacarmel,  established by her son Dory of Alberta, Canada together with the Hod Hacarmel Rotary Club.

LIBRARY RESOURCE CENTERS in schools and community centers give Haifa's children and adults access to books, audio-visual and music corners, group reading activities and tutoring, and computer stations with Internet access:

Aliyah Elementary School Library Resource Center, Bat Galim, donated by Suzanne and Moshe Azoulay and serving 250 pupils.

Ehud Elementary School Library Resource Center, Ahuza, donated by Barbara and Martin Coopersmith of Philadelphia and serving 620 K-8 pupils.

Gordon Elementary School Computer Center, Kiryat Chaim, donated by Younes Nazarian of Los Angeles and serving 350 pupils. 

Herzl Elementary School Library Resource Center, Carmelia, donated by Neil Shore of Toronto and the D'Angeli and Goodman families  and serving 500 pupils.

Ibn Gvirol School Library Resource Center, Kiryat Sprinzak, the gift of an anonymous donor and serving 80 special needs junior-high and high-school pupils.

Nasser Community Library, Kiryat Sprinzak, donated by Nancy and Albert Nasser of New York and equipped with computers contributed by Yael and Michael Haft of Haifa, serves thousands of children, many of them native Russian-speakers, from this sprawling neighborhood and its 5 elementary schools and 2 high schools.

Nativ Eliezer School Library Resource Center, Ahuza, donated by Sandi and Don Epstein of Elkins Park, Pennsylvania and serving 243 1st-6th grade pupils, among them 40 Ethiopian immigrants.

Nirim Elementary School Computer Center, Neve David, donated by Dorit and Avi Abekasis of Haifa and serving 300 pupils.

Nirim Elementary School Library Resource Center, Neve David, donated by Eugene Feiner of Philadelphia.

Rambam Elementary School Library Resource Center, Neve Sha'anan, donated by Alex Rosenberg of Newton, Massachusetts from his Bar-Mitzvah gifts, and serving 348 orthodox or traditionally religious pupils, among them many new immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union.

Henrietta Szold School Library, Kiryat Eliezer, donated by Sarah and Yves Nahmias of Toronto and the Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America and serving 64 special-needs pupils ages 6-15.


The Arab Friends of the Haifa Foundation Scholarship Fund, spearheaded by the Mattar family of Haifa and New Jersey and members of New Jersey's Arab community, has made higher education possible for over 600 local Arab students to date.     

The HAIFA FOUNDATION invites you to consider our YOUTH & EDUCATION  projects

Since the start of mass immigration to Israel from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union in 1989, the HAIFA FOUNDATION has played a major role in assisting The City's absorption of tens of thousands of newcomers.  Amharic- and Russian-speaking immigrants and their children account for approximately 15% of Haifa's current inhabitants. Neighborhoods with large immigrant populations living alongside native Arabic- and Hebrew-speakers include Ahuza, Hadar Hacarmel, Kiryat Chaim, Kiryat Sprinzak, Neve David, Neve Sha'anan and Wadi Nisnas. Immigrants and their children benefit from neighborhood-based, HAIFA FOUNDATION sponsored educational, community, cultural and coexistence projects made available to them through community centers, local schools, and daycare centers for children and the elderly.Our most recently realized project is the Emerich Ressler Memorial Youth Center which serves the Ethiopian youngsters.   

The HAIFA FOUNDATION invites you to consider our IMMIGRANT ABSORPTION projects

Community Services

BEIT MAGAL- "Warm House" for girls at risk, a gift from our Canadian friends : Joe Nadler, John Carmichael, Rachelle Bronfman,Neil Shore Kahanoff Foundation  Canada, and from Jack Bentata from England and from Mizrachi Bank and Dagon Silos of Israel.


Hostel for Holocaust Survivors renovated by: Miriam Zlotolow, Jona Goldrich, Dr. Ezra and Lauren Kest, Hanna and Bernie Rubinstein, Sam and Carmela Kochman, Nomi and Adam Seidenwerg, Alex and Lea Loewinger, Ricci Zukerman, Esther Tepper/Wilhelm, Erving Ackerman and many more - through the devoted assistance of Nomi Seidenwerg of Los Angeles.

Dinning Hall of the Hostel For Holocaust Survivors renovated in memory of Mala Rosenberg Joskowicz through the generous donations of Hanna Rubinstein, Ricci Zuckerman, family members and friends.

Al-Sam , Anti Drug Youth Center, a gift from our friends in Canada: Harry Perlstein, Neil Shore, John Carmichael, Joe Nadler, and from the Estate of Jacob Wiener in the US, and Israeli companies: Tambour and Negev.

"Magen David Adom" Headquarters, downtown Haifa, renovated by Arie and Joshua Lapsker of Toronto in memory of their parents, Tzila and Aharon Lapsker, coordinates the delivery of lifesaving services to Haifa's 270,000 residents.    

The Ressler Day Centers for the Elderly, gifts of Sue and the late Emerich  Ressler of Philadelphia:

The Ressler Day Center for the Elderly, Hadar Hacarmel, provides daily physical and occupational therapy, crafts and music workshops, and hot meals to 60 seniors on site, among them the visually impaired, and delivers an additional 720 meals-on-wheels to seniors at home.

The Ressler Day Center for the Elderly, Upper Carmel, assists 120 infirm and mobility impaired seniors per day, prioritizing those with Alzheimer's disease.

Soup Kitchen, Neve Sha'anan, established by Rachel Marom-Marmorstein, her late husband Abraham Marom, and Ze'ev Onphus, in memory of the Marom's son who was killed in battle, feeds 150 hungry people per day.    

The HAIFA FOUNDATION invites you to consider our COMMUNITY SERVICES  projects


Beat Music and Arts Center, Central Carmel:

Established by Aaron Fogel of Haifa and Stanley Gold of Los Angeles, BEAT provides high-school pupils with music workshops and the community with musical performances.

A gift to BEAT from CRIF (Conseil Representatif des Institutions Juives de France) has expanded the music studies curriculum and brings outstanding artists and orchestras to Haifa. 

The Gaston Defferre Israel-France Cultural Center, French Carmel, home to  the French Cultural Center and the Association of Israeli Journalists in Haifa and the North, serves to strengthen the ties between France and Israel and especially between sister cities Marseille and Haifa.

The Haifa Municipal Museum, German Colony, renovated with the help of a number of German cities, the Zeit Foundation of Germany and the German Foreign Ministry, conveys the origins of Haifa.

The Beit Hecht Cultural Center, Central Carmel, donated and recently renovated by the Hecht Foundation, makes available cultural and social workshop activities to neighborhood residents of all ages. 

Neighborhood-based Kindergarten Enrichment Centers provide young children with creative arts and language activities, among them listening corners and puppet shows:

Kindergarten Enrichment Center, Kiryat Chaim, a gift from Amy Goldman and Rabbi Scott Rosenberg of Temple Reyim in Newton, Massachusetts in memory of Bertha and Julius Kronick

Kindergarten Enrichment Center, Neve David, a gift from Neil Shore of Toronto


The Krieger Center for the Performing Arts, French Carmel, realizes the wish of the donor, the late Curly Krieger of Los Angeles, to "afford pleasure to the people of Haifa and Israel for decades to come" through cinema and performances of dance, music and theater.

The Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Theater of Haifa, Hadar Hacarmel, renovated through the generosity of the Joseph Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds, has made a name creating its own prestigious theater productions.

The 1,200-seat Rappaport Art and Culture Center, Central Carmel, a gift of Ruth and Bruce Rappaport of Haifa and Geneva, is Haifa's main hall for cultural events and a focus of artistic and cultural life for Haifa and the North.


The Eugene Feiner Sportec, Neve Sha'anan, a gift of Eugene Feiner of Philadelphia, provides city residents with a major sports field and recreation facility.

Nof Sports Club, Neve Sha'anan, renovated by the Los Angeles Friends of the Haifa Foundation, including "Shelters For Israel" under Louis Kestenbaun of Beverly Hills, serves teenaged competitive athletes among Haifa's Russian-speaking new immigrants.

The HAIFA FOUNDATION invites you to consider our CULTURE & SPORT  projects



Playground in memory of four children murdered by the Nazis in 1943 : Ginia Goldberg, Fela Leifer, David Leifer, Hania Hammer was established in Hadar, Montifyori St. By Bernard and Lusia (Rosenzweig) Milch, of New York.

Katy and Joseph Fattal Playground, Kiryat Eliezer, established by David and Yitzhak Fattal in memory of their parents

Gan Haem Children's Playground, Central Carmel, established by Trudy and Louis Kestenbaum of Los Angeles  in memory of their parents, who perished in the Holocaust

Tzachi Gozali Children's Playground, Romema, established by friends and family members in memory of Mr. Gozali, a Scouts Youth leader who loved nature

Grenadir Playground, Ahuza, a gift of Bruria and Dr. Ehud Grenadir in memory of their son Elad, an IDF officer who fell in battle in July 2002 while pursuing terrorists near the town of Immanuel

Katav-Zur Playground, Ramat Eshkol, donated by parents Hadassah and Eliyahu Katav and Leah and Yossi Zur in memory of their children, Meital Katav and Assaf Zur, killed in the suicide bombing on bus 37 in March 2003  

Koren Playground, Ramat Golda, dedicated by Rachel Koren in memory of her husband Shimon and two sons Gal and Ran, who lost their lives in a terror attack at Matza Restaurant in March 2002

Danielle Menchel Playground, Ahuza, dedicated by Doron Menchel in memory of his daughter killed in the terror attack on Matza Restaurant

Wilfred "Toots" Schwartz Children's Playground, Hadar Hacarmel, established by Mendl, Pauline and Stan Schwartz of Toronto and their friends from proceeds of the annual Give Peace a Chance golf classic in Toots' memory


Ginsberg Garden, Upper Hadar, a gift in memory of Abraham Ginsberg, Haifa's first gardener, by his sons Baruch and Jonathan of Haifa. 

Shaul Sali Garden, Danya, established by his son Jacob Kiferbaum of Chicago


Alex Park, Haifa shoreline, dedicated by Ukrainian-born New Yorker Nelly Braginsky in memory of her son Alex, a victim of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City

Aptowitzer Rest Area, Haifa Lawn Bowling Center, donated by Willi Z. Aptowitzer in memory of his wife Manzi

Gan Binyamin, Hadar Hacarmel, Israel's first public garden (est. 1920's), renovated by Herbert Bloch of Haifa in memory of his wife Margalit (Margitta) Vero

Zipporah and Moshe Gotel Levine Rest Area, Ramat Sapir, a gift of their daughter, Malka Levin, in memory of her parents

Louis Promenade, Carmel Mountain, donated by May and Paul Arieli-Goldschmidt in memory of  their son Louis

The 7-acre Louis Ariel Goldschmidt Haifa Educational Zoo, Central Carmel, donated in memory of Louis by his parents May and Paul Arieli-Goldschmidt, and home to nearly 400 well-loved animals


San Francisco Observatory on top of Carmel mauntain at Stella Maris (Star of the Sea) in memory of Yekutiel and Samo Federmann pioneers of tourim, established by The Ministry of Tourism, and the Dan Hotels.

Faber Memorial Observation Point, Haifa Scenic Drive, honoring the memory of engineer Eliahu Faber, a gift of his family initiated by his son-in-law Yehudah Greenberger

Zaid Observation Point, Haifa Scenic Drive, donated by family members in memory of Shaul Zaid, one of Israel's first certified surveyors


Bulgaria Square, Western Carmel, an initiative of the Rotary Clubs of Israel and Sofia, Bulgaria, honoring the Bulgarian people's rescue of that nation's Jews during Nazi occupatio

Derech Hayam Circle, Western Carmel marked by a nautical sundial, dedicated in memory of former Deputy Commander of Israel's Navy and shipping magnate Mila Brenner by his widow Michal and two sons, Avner and Dani Brenner

Yekutiel Square, French Carmel  donated in memory of Israeli tourism pioneer Yekutiel Federmann by his son Michael Federmann and family


Hundreds of park BENCHES named in honor of donors' loved ones have been placed on sidewalks and in parks throughout The City for the enjoyment of city residents and guests.

The HAIFA FOUNDATION invites you to consider our URBAN RENEWAL & BEAUTIFICATION projects

Jewish-Arab Co-existence

Clore Children's Library and Cultural Centre, Wadi Nisnas, provides the neighborhood's young Arab and Jewish readers with thousands of Arabic-, Hebrew-, Russian- and English-language books and access to video cassettes, computerized encyclopedias and the Internet.

Clore Neighbourhood Community Centre, Ein Hayam, affords the residents of this mixed Arab-Jewish quarter with a gathering place for cultural and social events.

Elkarma Arab Theater of Beit Hagefen Arab-Jewish Cultural, Community & Youth Center, Wadi Nisnas, annually presents 400 shows to Arabic- and Hebrew-speaking children and adults throughout Israel, and over the years has brought Haifa's message of multicultural coexistence, neighborliness and tolerance to  performances in the Palestinian Authority, Morocco, Belgium,  France, Germany and Spain.

The Gould-Shenfeld Community Center, Hadar Hacarmel, established by Helaine and Fred Gould of New York in memory of their parents, and home to the Seeds of Peace organization, nurtures the leadership potential of Arab and Jewish teenagers committed to the values of dialogue, coexistence and peace-building.

The Theater Hall of Beit Hagefen Arab-Jewish Cultural, Community & Youth Center, a gift from the Beracha Foundation in memory of Lord Sieff of Brimpton, England, provides a stage for promoting coexistence through cultural cooperation.

The HAIFA FOUNDATION invites you to consider our Jewish-Arab Co-existence projects


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